Rachel Hurst Photography and 2D/3D was established when Rachel was only sixteen years old and went onto work with names such as celebrity hair stylist Oribe, Ames 1 Year Anniversary hosted by Shaquille O'Neal, fashion designer Denise Hajjar, Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show, Look Los Angeles TV style series “Look Glam”, Boston Fashion Week, Nara Paz Design Internationale — as seen at the NY Rising Star Awards, Pulse Magazine, St Jude’s Children Research 20th annual gala, Conrad Lamour Fashion show, Tarnished book 5.5 of Caged Series by Amber Natusch, and more.


Rachel has been featured on both sides of the camera and seen modeling on book covers and in Boston magazines, while her fashion photography draped New York windows and acrylic paintings sold out on the side. With a unique ability to grab a Sharpie and draw endlessly from the mind, Rachel covered furniture with slick black designs and shipped it country-wide. She favored "recycled" items such as roadside stools or bureaus to make them beautiful again or rummaged through cardboard to cut up items like cereal boxes and utilize the backside as a canvas. She frequently popped up vendor booths at lively events and took on commissioned pieces for local businesses.


As a late teen Rachel swapped her last summer for a long stay at the New Hampshire Institute of Art to study painting, darkroom photography, and fine art drawing, and in 2009 she graduated from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University with certification in 3D Animation and Interactive Media. In her younger years she was an award winning speaker and debater and cites her high school debate coach as one of the most influential role models of her life — signing her up for a Masters Championship by surprise when she was only a young novice, where she took home two awards.


After enrolling in an after school HTML course in the sixth grade she went onto make numerous websites behind the name Miss Anonymous — until she came out as Rachel Hurst Photography, then tagging on 2D/3D, further undergoing two additional name changes. With an intense interest in technology she learned both Microsoft and Apple systems and any program she could get her hands on such as the entire Adobe Creative Suite, and later Autodesk Maya. Her fluency in graphic and web design was a magnet for those around her, especially in her adult years, and she began producing business signs, promotional banners, websites, business cards, window displays, and was often dubbed an art octopus, or reached out to for her creative input and endless stream of ideas.


Rachel possesses a never-stopping, dueling left-and-right minded brain, so she began spinning business plans in her twenties. She ventured into LLCs and e-commerce, establishing a small online and popup business called Rosy Cottage which sold ethereal home decor and jewelry — then an organic skincare line LUX. Upon becoming a mother Rachel noticed her town and surrounding areas lacked indoor entertainment for her child during the cold New Hampshire months. So she opened a 14,000 sq/ft indoor playground, which immediately generated six figure revenues as a result of her precise designing and online presence. The indoor center closed during the 2020 pandemic and she entered a time of reflection. Always pulled back to her first language of the arts — particularly the digital side — she began accepting limited agreements for graphic and web design, creative consulting, and 3D. This lead to the creation of DREAMSTUDIOX (or DSX) in 2021.


As of 2022 Rachel accepted a full time position creating the 3D for a metaverse project based out of the west coast, while DSX snowballed on the east coast. Today Rachel works alongside entrepreneurs and global visionaries to bring their ideas to life. Rachel is currently focused on utilizing her skills toward the development of the virtual world and NFTs. She lives for her brilliant daughters Rose and Lily and shares a home with her fiancé, internationally acclaimed life coach/speaker/writer James Michael Sama. Rachel enjoys spending her limited personal time by going to the gym, cooking vegan food, and being with family.